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EI Will Lower Your Pay Because You’re An Unfortunate Loser

Have you ever had to go on EI? Ever had to go on it more then once? Guess what: the government of Canada thinks your a loser.

Thats right folks, you will now get less pay the more often you apply for EI. Not because you quit work (remember EI is only for people who are laid off) but because you were unfortunate enough to be in a circumstance where your work wasn’t permanent. Maybe you’re a seasonal worker? Maybe you just got unlucky in a few jobs and now you need EI to help you along until you gain more gainful employment. TOO BAD LOSER. You get less money because,¬†apparently, you suck.

I’m not usually so inarticulate but this actually makes me just plain angry. What else could the government possibly thinking. Honest hard working people, who need assistance to get by between jobs, are aparently of no use to this government and should just get lost. No, I MEAN LITERALLY GET LOST. Move an hour away at the very least to find a job. Come on, it’s your Canadian duty.

What country are we living?